About Me

Let's see, who am I...? I don't think I know myself, not with any certainty.

Oh, sure, I can say I've just recently graduated from college (with a degree in history), and that I like anime, games, and the Japanese language. That says something, which is better than saying nothing. I could go further and say that I can be somewhat of a firebrand when someone gets me started on my particular political issues, which not only tells you about my preferences but also starts to touch on my personality. I could go into detail about those political preferences; namely, I'm way far out to the left (farther than most Democrats) in the category that would usually be called progressive. Mostly thanks to my feminist leanings along with a very, very liberal view of economics and the role of government.

But really, if you want to know who I am... stick around, bookmark the blog (or add it to your RSS feed), read some posts, get to know me. In the end, any label I attach to myself is just a word, and it's the rest of my words and my actions that back that up and put the truth (or possibly the lie, although hopefully I do better than that) to those labels.

Contact info
Well, first of all, I'm pretty sure the system will automatically send me an email when a comment's posted. If you have a complaint or question about a specific post, that would probably be the quickest way to let me (and everyone else who might see the post) know about it.

If whatever you have to say is private, then you're welcome to email me here. I will warn you that I don't check that account nearly as often as I should, so it may take a little while before I get back to you.

I'm also on Twitter @Counterpower. I don't use that account nearly as much as I should, although I've been trying to be more active of late. Feel free to say hi on there as well!