Well it's long past time.
niwango Inc., known for its "Nico Nico Douga" video sharing website, and Aniplex Inc. have jointly announced today that they will premiere Aniplex's brand new TV series titled "Fate/Zero" worldwide (except for Japan) streaming simultaneously with eight different language subtitles...
I've never really been a fan of Crunchyroll (not quite sure why), and Hulu is rather slow about getting new anime. Either way, I feel like I generally miss out on new releases when they're new; I watched OreImo when I was actually in Japan, but I almost never download fansubs of the newest season.

There's a longer post I need to write about my feelings regarding fansubs in general; I have a very rocky relationship with them. Suffice to say that at best they are a necessary evil, as far as I'm concerned, and I prefer to do without when I can. Shockingly, this means I rarely keep up with new seasons of anime. I pay attention to DVD releases, and now that my computer's set to Region 2, I pay attention to Japanese DVD releases. But I rarely if ever bother with the anime airing on TV in Japan, since I don't have a way to watch Japanese TV at the moment.

Since getting back from Japan, I've really been a little lost when it comes to "what next?" While I was abroad, I went shopping for anime goods and DVDs all too often; I was able to watch anime actually on TV (to the extent that my cell phone could pick it up, because I didn't have a TV in my room... *sigh*) Here, I can't really do either. In a lot of ways I feel like the only solution is for me to go back to Japan.

But now we get Aniplex streaming anime online. Official subtitled anime, practically in unison with its Japanese release. Short of anime showing on American TV (and that will never happen to the extent that it does in Japan!), this is the next best option. I'd like to see more of this; anime companies take note. (Kyoto Animation, I'm looking at you. Do this.)

I'm watching Fate/Zero when it releases online. Who's with me?

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