Reports from Katsucon 18

So I'm over a weekend late on this one, but whatever - I did end up going to Katsucon 18, which was held the weekend of the 17th, a little over a week ago. I must say, it was interesting taking the overnight train from Boston all the way to D.C. for once, and having only a few hours of sleep from the train made the con even more interesting! Thankfully breakfast was available - I've learned over four years of college that I can function (with some loss of ability) without adequate sleep or without adequate food, but trying to function without both causes problems.

Anyway! Honestly, I feel like there's not all that much to report. Admired all of the well-done cosplays, again without taking any pictures. Went to the dealer's hall and spent way too much money, mostly on new games and new figurines. Oh, and one of the dealers refused to take a five dollar bill that I had on me, on suspicion of it being counterfeit - I really need to get around to running that down to the bank to get it checked out in more detail. I only wish I could remember where I got it from. Thankfully I had another five on hand.

There was also the video gaming hall. Oddly enough, they were charging money for the Bemani machines, so I had to actually use some quarters on the DDR one. But, no huge loss, and as always the chance to play on an actual DDR machine was well worth it. Also, there was Project Diva set up on a PS3, with an arcade-style controller no less. So it's not like I couldn't find things to do.

Honestly, the highlight of the convention was the workshop near the end of the day on Saturday. I rather suspect most people have not heard of the Weiss Schwarz card game, but I have - while I was studying abroad, I ended up buying some of the cards, and I think I've mentioned the portable game before. Well, apparently there actually are people on this side of the Pacific who've also heard of the game! And they were running a workshop about the game.

Most of it was stuff I didn't need - I know the rules already, thanks to the aforementioned portable game and a decent command of Japanese. (As I said when we were talking about understanding the cards, "Or, like me, you could spend three and a half years studying Japanese. That's probably not for everyone though.") I did learn that these cards are in fact distributed in the U.S., by Heart of the Cards, which makes it easier for me to get cards and does absolutely nothing for my ability to find people to play with. Anyone in the Boston area? Anyone at all?

Honestly, I feel like I don't do much at conventions these days. I wasn't really cosplaying, but I did go for a black cloak and the Hero of Space god tier T-shirt from Homestuck. Not really a cosplay of anyone, unless you count my own entirely fictional session in which I am the Knight of Space as a valid cosplay target, and frankly I myself wouldn't count that.

It was absolutely worth it though. Conventions usually are, and Katsucon didn't disappoint.

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