I have to wonder what the modern Republican Party's priorities are. I could be cynical and wonder whether or not the Republicans actually give a damn about economic recovery. I mean, a weak economy going into an election is one of the major pitfalls for a sitting president; if the economy is still stuck in this quagmire come next year, Obama might very well pay for it at the voting booth.

That, of course, puts them in an interesting position. Are they willing to compromise to help fix the economy? Will they take any steps forward here? Hard as this may be to believe, I'd be ready to negotiate if I had someone to negotiate with in good faith. Are you all going to come to the table? Or is the real priority to defeat Obama? No matter what happens to the country? Because that's within the Republican Party's power to do. They can use their position in the House, and their filibuster in the Senate, to prevent Obama from accomplishing anything over the next year or so.

But surely they wouldn't do that, right? Their only concern must be the betterment of the American people. If there was a way to help set the economy back on track, even if it meant working with Obama, they'd take that option, I have no doubt. Right?

Oh wait. Maybe not.

Yeah, let's try that paragraph again in reality. Their only concern is the betterment of rich, white, Christian American people. And if there was a way to help set the economy back on track, they'd pretend not to notice until they'd milked the crap economy for every drop of political capital they could get out of it, then claim victory when they "fix" the problem once Obama is out of office.

All we can do is wait and see. And, if they choose to screw us all over for their own political gain, hope that we can make them regret it come 2012.

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