The Modern Republican Party

This morning, I was reading the Boston Globe and found that someone had sent in a very interesting letter to the editor. You know, given the frankly pathetic state of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, it's not surprising that some conservatives might be losing faith a little in their ability to take the 2012 presidential election against Obama. And this letter reflected that slightly, although it was not a gloomy or disappointed one at all.

No, in fact, it was a slight admonishment, because we're all looking at the wrong race, it seems. Who cares about the presidential election? There are 30+ seats up for grabs in the Senate after all. Would that it have stopped there, as a simple reassurance that all is not lost for the Republican party even if they don't beat Obama next year. Sadly, the letter instead chose to leave us with this thought: that the Republicans, in taking control of the Senate, will be able to ensure that Obama can't do anything through 2016.

Seriously? I wish I could say this surprised me, that the goal here is to make Obama look bad by any means necessary. Of course, it doesn't. Pretty much since we started this presidency, we've been seeing this almost blind hatred of Obama from the right wing that's completely disconnected from anything he's actually doing. We've been seeing that the modern Republican Party would rather shut this entire country down than to see it run by Obama. And then they have the audacity to turn around and accuse the left wing of trying to destroy America!

The worst part? If that's the course that the modern Republican Party chooses, we're all going to pay the price.

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