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So I've added the Disqus comment system to this blog. Mostly because I've seen it in use on other blogs and (from what little I can see) it seems to work well. I am also letting anyone post comments, not just those with a Disqus account (for the moment), and I trust that this particular system will make controlling those comments easy enough, not that I expect to receive comments in enough volume to make that difficult in any case. Although now would be a good time to remind people that I expect civility and respect in comments on this blog.

I also added Site Meter. They track statistics for this blog, and collect information (namely extraordinarily unspecific location, technical details about your browser, and data about your visit) from anyone visiting it. More details can be found on their site about the specifics. Mostly I want to know where people are coming from and what they're looking at when they come. I believe you can tell your browser (although I admit I don't know how) not to run the kinds of scripts that Site Meter uses to get its information, if you're concerned about that aforementioned information becoming public.

That's really it. Just two changes that I figured I'd mention.

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