Older translations

While I was in Japan and maintaining the blog I kept for that purpose, I occasionally posted translations of some Japanese songs that I liked to that blog. I have no idea what people thought of them, but I do know that they received a fair bit of attention. And although I like translating, unless I make it possible for people to critique my translations, I won't get any better at it. Which is why I posted these on my older blog in the first place.

Well, I still want to translate. And I still want to post translations to the Internet, when and where I can. So I might as well start by providing all of the translations I've done up to now on my old blog, in reverse chronological order:

Daughter of Evil, by mothy (Evil P) featuring Rin Kagamine
Young Alive!, by Nana Mizuki
Wolf Girl, by Kura-P featuring Miku Hatsune
Synchronicity, by Yui Makino
Programming for non-fiction, by Natsuko Aso

I will be looking to write up more detailed translation notes for all of those, as well as for any future translations I post here.

(...Ugh, I've got to stop saying "look forward to future developments"...)

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