Dance Dance Revolution, Endless Mode

Earlier today, I decided I wanted to actually get something that could be called "exercise". So I pulled out the DDR pad, hooked it up to my computer, and booted up Stepmania, a program that pretty much just replicates the same play style as Dance Dance Revolution or In The Groove.

That was at around 1150. I finally stopped playing DDR at 1330, one hour and forty minutes of constant play later.

That's the screen capture I took of the score screen when Endless Mode finally managed to take me down.

There are a few things it doesn't mention, like the fact that I got a second combo up above a thousand in addition to the 1,213-step combo that's listed there under "max combo". Nor does it mention the difficulty levels of the songs that I played, although the fact that I fit over 17 thousand steps into fifty-eight stages should attest to the fact that these weren't milk runs by any measure. (17000 divided by 58 gives just under 300 steps per stage; and 58 stages in 100 minutes is about 100 seconds in a song... that works out to around 3 steps per second on average.)

... Have I mentioned that I'm really good at DDR yet? No? Well, consider it said.

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